Friday, 22 July 2011


...go to work! I just don't wanoo. why is it that work is the one thing you will dread and yet is the one thing that rewards you for your input?

Other things that I DON'T WANOO do are:

1) have periods, and why should I have to buy tampons? It's not some consumer materialistic indulgence. NHS I say.

2) Think about the complex world of boys. I wish they would just know when to go away and when to come back.

3)Pay off my overdraft, it's just a ridiculous thing to have to do, isn't it?

4) Clean the bath before I get in it. just no.

5) Offer to make everyone tea when I'm making one. Although I do like it when I am not the one by the kettle.

6) Pay for my van that insists on breaking every other week.

7)Think about dissertations. *runs away screaming*

8) Did I mention hideous soul-destroying FUCKING PERIODS?!

Today could be categorised as dull-average. I saw Biki and I bought a tee-shirt bra (Zzzz) and a black top for work (WHAT IS THE POINT?!I didn't start work to spend my wages on things for work)
I also ate a jacket spud (boring peoples food) and sent a letter to my Nannah and Grandad. Social butterfly eh?

Me and Biki are going to a Spiritualist fair tomorrow. Laugh all you want. I love that stuff. I hope someone tells me life will all make sense one day and that my bank will decide that, as I am such a loyal customer, they will write off my overdraft.

For now I am going to stomp around being irritable, irrational and whiny. Because I am allowed. Can you guess why? CAN YOU??


Jojo. (no kisses. HA)

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