Saturday, 14 May 2011

The riddle war with the (almost) next door.

Hullo again!

Today I am writing a post about a strange and unexpected series of events which have commenced in the past 2 weeks.

I live with three girls. Daisy, Catrina and Holly. We don't talk to our neighbours because one side make too much noise and the other side we suspect to be a drug den/brothel.

A week or so ago we got an unusual arrival through our letterbox. It was a photo of a dog with crazed, rabies-esq eyes and on the back there was a riddle which read:

What starts with a T ends in a T and has T in it?

Return to no.28 with answer.

The girls seemed kinda creeped out but I thought it was really cool so we replied. I've got to be honest and say we did just google it, which is naughty but a lot less frustrating and time consuming. We posted back the answer and a new riddle in the a kinder surprise pod.

The following night we heard the letterbox go at about This was not the postman. It was a second riddle.

It read:
What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, what rich people want and poor people have?

Return to no.28, stop using google and you'll get a reward.

This was exciting, yet creepy.

I should explain that 28 is two doors down from us and we have never met nor seen them.

We replied:

answer: nothing.

We didn't use google and we want out reward but only if it's nice.

And we sent a new one.

We got a reward. A surprising one. I wont tell you what it was just to add tension and enigma.

So now we have sent them 2 large mars bars with note attached:

Here is your treat, hope you like saturated fat.

Love Dianne, Camilla, Joan and Holly (we want them to think we are well posh)

So now we await a reply. its all very exciting and we hope to organise a BBQ unveiling our true identity before the year is over.

Meanwhile in my life:

Today I had my first day volunteering at Barnardo's. It was actually really fun. I got to look at cool things, press buttons, use a cool sharp gun thing to attach labels. Quite a hoot.

Made me feel good too.

I think charitable people are misunderstood. Everyone makes out that we're losers who don't have anything better to do than to care about other people.

It's not the truth.

We are selfish. We do charitable things to make us feel better about stuff.
such as:

Buying a new dress

Buying a takeaway
Stealing someones Biro
Swapping the sticker prices on a pair of shoes (GRACE DEAN)

Eating your friends last rolo

Laughing when someone falls over
Western Guilt.

Not passing exams

Not revising for exams

Not going to lectures on which exams are based.

Picking your nose.

Making dead baby jokes.

All these things are bad.bad,bad,bad.

So don't be fooled by fundraising, marathon running, penny giving, big issue buying monsters like myself.

See through the kindness and into the soul of the devil.

Too far. I'm actually alright.

That's all for now

Jojo xxx

I wrote this post listening to, but not doing: shorthand dictations.

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